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Friday, July 13, 2012

New Name (And Location) For My Blog

I've changed the name (and the web address) of my blog for two reasons:

On a practical level, Intentionally Exceptional is a mouthful to say--and not that easy to spell, either! :) But more importantly, I'm changing it to Pursuing Exceptional because I think it communicates the core idea of this blog better.

"Intentionally Exceptional" has the implication that we are already exceptional. It has a static feel to it. The old name suggested that we've been intentional about what we wanted, and now we are exceptional.

While that's probably true at some level for many of you, I certainly haven't "arrived" at an exceptional life--I've got much further to go. And while I continue to promote being intentional about how I'm living, I don't plan on ever reaching a place where I'm done improving, learning, growing--pursuing being exceptional.

So, for both ease of use and clarity of concept, welcome to the 2.0 version of my blog--a blog about a lifestyle, about a commitment to pursue greatness every day.

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