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Monday, June 18, 2012

Avoiding Failure Doesn't Lead To Success

"The opposite of avoiding failure is not the same thing as seeking success. If you get too good at avoiding failure, it becomes its own goal, a deadly chimera. You can't be a force for good by avoiding failure."

--Mike Horstman & Mike Auzenne of Manager Tools

What does a great week look like for you? How will you know you've been successful this week?
In your job?
In your family?
In your spiritual life?
In your physical life?

Just because you have a busy week doesn't mean it will be a productive week. You can get a lot of things done, but not move much closer to the life you want to live. Don't waste another week going through the motions with a full schedule.

Identify one or two critical steps that would move you closer to your exceptional life and decide when this week you will do them. Write those steps down. Better yet, tell someone you're going to do them--publicly commit.

Pursue an exceptional life. Be intentional about it this week. I've never seen anyone drift into greatness.

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